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What is MLVK?

MLVK stands for Majlis Latihan Vokesyenal Kebangsaan or NVTC (National Vocational Training Council). It is JPK now (The Jabatan Pembangunan Kemahiran). It was established under the Ministry of Human Resources for the purpose of promoting and coordinating skills training strategy and programme in keeping with Malaysia's development needs.

MLVK's main objectives are:

To establish a coordinated skills training system attuned to Malaysia's development goals and needs.

To promote the development of skills training.

To certify skills competence.

National Occupational Skill Standards (NOSS).

MLVK seeks to ensure that skills training programmes are benchmarked against actual workplace requirements, as required in the competency-based training approach, by developing National Occupational Skill Standards (NOSS).

NOSS is defined as 'a specification of the competencies expected of a skilled worker who is gainfully employed in Malaysia for an occupational area and level'.

NVTC develops NOSS with the direct participation of industry experts and practitioners. By utilising NOSS as the basis for delivering training programmes, training providers ensure that their graduates meet the workplace competency requirements expected by the Malaysian industry.


In the National Skill Certification System, ACCREDITATION is defined as-

"A procedure in which the MLVK evaluates and approves an organisation as an ACCREDITED CENTRE (Pusat Bertauliah) for undertaking training and assessment leading to the award of the Malaysian Skill Certificates or SKM (Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia)."

Implicit in the above definition is the mandate given by MLVK to Accredited Centres to offer, administer and maintain the quality of the Malaysian Skill Certificates for specific jobs covered by National Occupational Skill Standards (NOSS).

Any organisation, be it a training institution or even workplace, that satisfies the following set of criteria may apply to MLVK to be approved as an Accredited Centre.


The organisation has been legally established in Malaysia;

It can provide, the requisite physical facilities and resources such as workshops, classrooms, tools and equipment for undertaking training and assessment to meet the requirements of relevant National Occupational Skill Standards (NOSS);

It has, or can gain access to, competent and qualified trainers and training officers to undertake training and assessment to meet the relevant NOSS;

It is able to meet quality assurance policies and procedures stipulated by MLVK, including having Assessors and Internal Verifiers who have been accredited by MLVK through special Induction Courses;

It can provide the requisite support and guidance to candidates in order to facilitate their learning and acquisition of the Malaysian Skill Certificates (SKM).

Accreditation is given to an Accredited Centre for a period of 3 to 5 years.

Type of Skill Certification

SKM Level 5 - Management Level
(Diploma/Advance Diploma Technology) N-021-5

SKM Level 4 - Supervisory Level
(Diploma/Diploma Technology) N-021-4

SKM Level 3 - Supervisory Level
(Malaysian Skill Certificate) Senior Hairdresser N-021-3

SKM Level 2 - Operation and Production Level
(Malaysian Skill Certificate) Hairdresser N-021-2

SKM Level 1 - Operation and Production Level
(Malaysian Skill Certificate) Junior Hairdresser N-021-1

Get Your MLVK's SKM if you are in hairdressing career for longer than 4 years.

Majlis Latihan Vokesyenal Kebangsaan
National Vocational Training Council

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